Curmudgeonly on Crimpiau

Curmudgeonly on Crimpiau

After a fun but filthy day on Tryfan in the company of a rowdy mob I was longing for solitude, just me, my thoughts and my camera. The aforementioned rowdy mob were headed for Moel Siabod on a day which dawned in an extravagant show of incandescence and I would have loved to have joined them but sometimes the call of a quiet hill and some quality me time (read misanthropy) is too loud to ignore. So, with a few hours to while away I jumped out of the car at Capel Curig with no plan other than to wander where the fancy took me.

My first port of call was the Pinnacles and after a thorough exploration and some scrambling I found a grassy couch sheltered from the wind and relaxed into my surroundings, briefly toying with the idea of having a kip. However, on a day such as this it would be a crime to snooze it away and before long Clogwyn Mawr proved an irresistible magnet so off I toddled through enchanting woodland and soon had that rocky belvedere beneath my feet. I thought of my friends on Siabod and the sublime view from his summit but not once did I regret not tagging along. No, for there on Clogwyn Mawr I enjoyed a stirring outlook of great beauty of which I drank greedily.
Wales March 2011 144
Still not satisfied I decided that I wanted to see Tryfan and spent the next half an hour stravaiging much bog and heathery, rock girt knolls before chancing upon a secret llyn where I halted awhile, letting myself become enveloped in the landscape. So close was I to the busy A5 but with neither sight nor sound of it to invade my senses the illusion of isolation was as welcome a balm as I could remember. Needless to say I was having a good time but I still couldn’t see Tryfan behind bulky old Gallt yr Ogof so more height and a stroll northwards was in order.

The obvious target was Crimpiau which presents itself as broken rock bastion so off I went availing myself of a delightful labyrinthine path which delivered me onto its small summit tor. Oh yes, this was the view I was after! Siabod to the Carneddau and two wild valleys, Mymbyr and Ogwen bisected by the eastern Glyderau but best of all, stately Tryfan standing magnificent and aloof from its loftier brethren. And that wasn’t all. No, an intimate view of Llyn Crafnant added to a spectacular scene of mellifluous charm. Sometimes it’s better to be on the ugly mountain looking at the pretty ones than vice versa.
Wales March 2011 107

Wales March 2011 128
I remained on Crimpiau’s top for as long as time would allow before reversing my route to Pinnacle Stores where I enjoyed some sustenance and their unique brand of hospitality! When later I rejoined my companions they were full of sorrow that I had not been on Siabod to see the view. They really thought that they’d had the best of it though of course I knew better; I always do, though maybe the photographs tell the tale more effectively than my words. With that in mind I’ll cease my rambling and leave you with the recommendation that when next in Eryri with a few hours to spare, do yourself a favour and wend your way onto little Crimpiau.


4 Responses to “Curmudgeonly on Crimpiau”

  1. 1 gareth higgins March 21, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    lovely description of your walk nick.i love going alone also with no definite get time to savour the solitude like that.if you were in a group you would miss a lot by being busy chatting and your free to do your own thing.look at flowers observe birds,new camera angles.peacefull even.nice area round crimpiau and the view to crafnant and dyffryn mymbyr and tryfan.good for the soul and a day to remember and to escape from a normal busy have a gift of passing on your thoughts and feelings so well.cant think of any other present writer that does that.very enjoyable,makes me want to go now.

  2. 2 Andrew Deacon March 21, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    “..I still couldn’t see Tryfan behind bulky old Gallt yr Ogof”

    hehehe. Bless it.

  3. 3 Rock Climbing UK March 22, 2011 at 1:56 am

    Beautifully written as always Nick, and some fantastic images. I can’t wait to get to North Wales this summer and put in some big, atmospheric multi-pitch routes.

    Totally envious of your getting out so often.

    Keep up the good work mate,


  4. 4 jamie griggs March 22, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    More great images Nick. bumped into Moira yesterday, she has invited me to get a lift with them next time i am available to go. shall look forward to seeing you up there soon.


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